Back to School Safety Tips for Parents in Atlanta

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It’s important for parents and their children to be aware of some basic safety tips when heading back for a new school year. Kaplan & Lukowski, LLP in Atlanta specializes in medical malpractice and personal injury cases. We have seen it all and we are here to lend you some expert guidance on the best ways to protect your child at school. Here are some of our essential back-to-school safety tips.

Traveling to School

Many children take the bus to and from school. Make sure your child is safely on the sidewalk as the bus approaches and that he or she waits for the bus to stop and the door to completely open before entering. Check that your child is able to see the bus driver when they walk to the stop; this ensures that the bus driver has a visual on your child and is aware of their movements.

If you prefer taking your child to school, be sure to follow these safety protocols. Once you enter school zones, reduce your speed to the posted speed limit. Be extra cautious of school buses and children walking around your car. School crossing guards will help guide children at designated intersections, but some kids may venture off on their own. Do not pass other vehicles, change lanes, or make U-turns in school zones. Once you drop off your child, safely exit the school zone and do not use your cell phone at any time while driving.


Heavy backpacks can cause back and shoulder issues in children. Make sure your child’s backpack has an ergonomic design and is smaller than their torso. This will help prevent your child from developing poor posture. A good backpack should have padded shoulder straps and hip belts to ease the weight on your child’s back. Check that your child is only bringing the required books to school to lighten his or her load.

Rolling backpacks are also a great alternative if your child lugs heavy books to school on a regular basis. Just like airport luggage, a rolling backpack is an effective way to ease the stress of a heavy bag. However, you’ll need to make sure the backpack is small enough to fit in a locker.


The playground is a great chance for a restless child to burn off some energy and have a fun break during the school day. Unfortunately, most injuries happen from falls and most falls happen on the playground. There should be at least a foot of wood chips, sand, or other ground covering to protect drops from monkey bars and swings. For overcrowded play zones, children should try to wait patiently for other students to move a safe distance before they have fun taking their turn. Teachers should check for sharp edges on equipment and durable guard rails in play zones.

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We hope your children stay safe during the school year, but if something does go wrong you should always speak to a qualified and experienced attorney. We deal with personal injury cases every day. Contact us to talk about your potential case. Stay safe!