Common Causes of Medical Malpractice and How Kaplan & Lukowski Can Help in Atlanta, GA

To put it simply: patients trust doctors. When this trust is disrupted for good reason, a medical malpractice case is born. There are many ins and outs to medical malpractice, but there are a few cases we see more often than others.

Diagnoses and Medication

When a patient is diagnosed, medications are prescribed in order to ease symptoms or get rid of the illness or ailment that has been diagnosed. When a mistake is made in diagnosis, it’s impossible to treat the true issue that’s been overlooked. This can unfortunately lead to the underlying, mis-diagnosed issue becoming fatal.

Oftentimes, the correct diagnoses is made but the wrong medication is prescribed. It’s also possible that the wrong dose is administered which can lead to not having enough medication to fight the illness or inducing fatal overdose. Doctors also may fail to disclose all the side effects or consider existing conditions and medications that may interact negatively with the prescribed medication. Unfortunate cases like these may involve both doctors and pharmacists who failed to note error in diagnoses and/ or prescribed medication.

Anesthesia and Surgery

Anesthesia and surgery are very high-risk situations and unfortunately offer lots of room for human error. Regardless of the level of anesthesia or the seriousness of the surgery, it’s imperative that every detail goes correctly. Common ways that anesthesia malpractice can occur are errors in dosage, delay in delivery, inadequate monitoring, prolonged sedation, ignorance of complications, failure to instruct patient, and defective equipment.

For surgery malpractice, the list of possible causes is long. Some instances include improper preoperative care, failure to account for re-existing conditions, inadequate sanitization, failure to follow protocol and instruct patient, and more. These oversights can lead to surgical complications and post-operative healing issues like blood clots, infections, acute respiratory failure, would reopening and more.

Labor and Delivery

Errors in childbirth lead to OBGYNs receiving about 20% of all medical malpractice cases – more than any other kind of doctor. While a doctor’s error can lead to health issues for newborns, often health problems in infants are not caused by doctors. This doesn’t mean there can’t be a lawsuit around these health issues, however. There are three types of labor and delivery malpractice claims.

One type is wrongful birth, which means parents were not made aware of potential birth defects that could be fatal to the mother or infant. A second type is wrongful pregnancy, when an attempted termination is unsuccessful. The third instance is injuries to the child or mother. Each type is treated differently and governed under different laws with different outcomes for the parties involved.

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