Defective Drugs

Prescription medications are created to help treat and relieve medical illnesses and symptoms. But with the thousands of new drugs out on the market today, there are also a wide range of known and unknown of side effects.

Have You Been Affected By A Defective Drug?

If you’ve taken a prescription drug and experienced unknown side effects, you may have cause to fight for compensatory damages. A drug may be deemed defective in some of the following cases:

Drug Company Misconduct

If the drug company withheld information from the FDA, filed false information with the FDA, tested the drug on a small number of people or conducted their drug trial for an inadequately short amount of time, they may be at fault.

Unknown Serious Side Effects 

If you are taking a prescription drug that has serious side effects that are not listed on the label, you may be able to build a case.

Birth Defects 

If your child develops a birth defect because you were taking a prescription drug, you may be able to pursue compensatory damages.

Wrongful Death 

Prescription drugs can cause death in rare cases. If your loved one died due to a prescription drug, you may be entitled to compensation.

Common Defective Drugs

While the list of defective drugs is growing as new drugs are released, below is a list of drugs that have been known to be defective (not an exhaustive list):

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