Failure to Diagnose

The failure of a doctor or other health care provider to diagnose a serious disease or condition may constitute malpractice. The failure to diagnose can occur in innumerable ways. Below are several examples of cases that the Atlanta law firm of Kaplan & Lukowski, LLP have successfully represent clients:

Failure to Diagnose Appendicitis

A patient complains of extremely bad belly pain. She went to the emergency room. The doctor did not think it was anything serious, so he did not order any radiographic studies. He gave the patient fluids and sent her home. Less than 24 hours later the patient died from acute appendicitis. Kaplan & Lukowski, LLP represented the family in a wrongful death case against the doctor. We claimed that because of the severity and location of the patient’s pain a standard test, a CT scan, should have been ordered and if it had been ordered, the appendicitis would have been diagnosed and surgery would have saved the patient’s life.

Failure to Diagnose Cervical Cancer

A woman has her annual Pap smear to test for cervical cancer. The Pap smear is sent to a commercial lab for testing. The lab misreads the test, and reports to the doctor that the test is normal when in fact the patient actually had cervical cancer. The doctor only finds out about the cancer from a later Pap Smear. Fortunately, our client survived, although she required extensive treatment that would have been avoided by a timely diagnosis. Kaplan & Lukowski, LLP successfully settled the claim against the lab.

Failure to Diagnose a Knee Injury

A patient is hurt in an accident and goes to the emergency room complaining that his knee hurts. The emergency room doctor does an examination of the knee and orders x-rays. The doctor decides that the knee is not broken and sends the patient home. Two months later another doctor reviews the chart and recognizes that the patient had a broken knee. It turns out that the knee was broken and could have been fixed with a simple cast. Unfortunately by the time the break was recognized the patient needed major surgery.

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It is impossible to list all of the possible ways that a patient can be injured or even die, because of a missed or wrong diagnosis. If you believe that a health care professional did not properly diagnose an injury, disease or illness, and that the delay in getting care caused you or your loved one harm, call Kaplan & Lukowski, LLP at (404) 845-0012 for a free consultation.