Plastic Surgery Malpractice & Medical Malpractice in Atlanta, GA

Cosmetic surgery is a very popular option for those who would like to change their appearance or stave off the signs of aging. With more accessibility and affordability, more people are turning to cosmetic surgeons to change aspects of their appearance, whether they existed from birth or were the results of an unfortunate event such as a car accident or other injury. These procedures help the patients become confident and comfortable in their skin. Plastic surgery is a very appealing option for many people, yet when it goes awry, it feels like all control is lost.

Because plastic surgery is an invasive procedure, safety guidelines and experience are just as important as a non-cosmetic surgery procedure. Most facilities follow the correct procedures and are considered very safe to get cosmetic surgeries. However, medical malpractice and negligence can still occur with disastrous results.

Examples of Plastic Surgery Malpractice

Below are examples of what could happen when plastic surgery goes awry:

Some of these examples could result in the following damages and dangers:

Economic Damages in Cosmetic Surgery Malpractice

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