Surgical Error

Mistakes by doctors during surgery can cause a patient enormous harm. Too many patients go in for surgery and come out with a different medical problem because of something the surgeon did. Yet, not all of surgical injuries are medical malpractice. Any time a person has an operation, there is some amount of risk that a problem will arise. Some problems are known risks. Some people have bad reactions to general anesthesia. Other people develop infections after surgery that is known to happen no matter how careful the surgeon is. And sometimes the patient does not get the desired result.

When a patient is injured by something the doctor did during the operation, it may be medical malpractice. However, not all injuries that happen during an operation are medical malpractice because sometimes injuries happen even if the surgeon did everything right.

Examples of Surgical Error Cases

There are many different types of surgical errors. Below are several examples of clients who suffered injuries from surgical errors that  Kaplan & Lukowski, LLP has successfully represented:

A patient has gall bladder problems so the surgeon recommends that the gallbladder be removed using laparoscopic techniques. Laparoscopy, sometimes known as band-aid surgery, involves the surgeon using small incisions. A tiny fiber optic camera incisions and surgical instruments are put into the body through other openings. The surgeon sees the inside of the body through the camera and does the entire surgery using the camera as his eyes. Surgeons have been using this laparoscopic technique to remove gallbladders for over twenty years. There are times when surgeon cuts the common duct, mistaking it for the cystic duct. This usually occurs because the surgeon did not see exactly where he was, and wasn’t sure about what he was cutting. This type of injury often causes the patient to have great pain, and frequently requires another surgeon to go back and perform an open surgery to repair the damage. Kaplan & Lukowski, LLP has successfully represented clients who have suffered these types of injuries.

Our client had a serious head injury after falling off a ladder and was hospitalized. He was in a coma and unable to eat. His doctors decided that he needed a feeding tube which was put in by the surgeon. Unfortunately, the feeding tube was put in improperly and ultimately caused his death. Kaplan & Lukowski, LLP successfully represented the widow in a wrongful death suit against both the doctor who placed the feeding tube and the hospital whose nurse ignored the patient’s symptoms following the surgery.

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