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There are countless law firms in Georgia that specialize in medical malpractice and personal injury. So, why choose Kaplan & Lukowski, LLP?

Medical and Legal Expertise

At Kaplan & Lukowski, LLP, we have that rare mix of medical and legal experience that gives us an advantage over other firms. First and foremost, Ronald Kaplan, one of our founding partners, is not only a lawyer who has been in practice since 2002, but he is also a medical doctor. With over 20 years of surgical experience, Dr. Kaplan is able to review the facts of each case. Most firms use nurses to do that. If you have a good claim, Dr. Kaplan will find it.

Given his experience, Dr. Kaplan obviously knows a lot about medicine. But, medicine has become more and more specialized over the years. In order to provide his clients with the best legal guidance possible, Dr. Kaplan regularly communicates with specialists in diverse medical fields, and consults with these experts when appropriate.

Jay Lukowski has been practicing law for 34 years. He spent 23 years in New York City working on complex business lawsuits, and has focused on medical malpractice cases in Atlanta for 11 years. Mr. Lukowski has the expertise required to handle the trials of the cases that are not settled through mediation or negotiation.

Our team of attorneys and staff give the utmost level of dedication and expertise to each of our clients. If we take on your case, you can rest assured that you have an experienced, respectful, and dedicated team working on your behalf to help you obtain the best possible case result.

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If you or a loved one has been the victim of personal injury or medical malpractice, the attorneys of Kaplan & Lukowski, LLP can help. To find out if you have a case, call (404) 845-0012 or fill out our online contact form. We offer free initial consultations, and will gladly review the details of your potential claim with you.