Ronald I. Kaplan, M.D.

ronDr. Ronald Kaplan is a second generation native of Atlanta, and has lived here his entire life. He went to Briarcliff High School. He then attended Tulane University where he graduated with a major in Spanish and a minor in Chemistry in 1971. He received his medical degree in 1975 from the Medical College of Georgia, now known as the Georgia Health Sciences University.

Dr. Kaplan did a general surgery residency from 1975 to 1980. In 1980 he opened his own surgery practice which he maintained until 2003. While in the practice of general surgery, Dr. Kaplan attended Georgia State University College of Law completing the program in 1992. Dr. Kaplan was admitted to the Georgia Bar in 2002 and since that time he has been engaged full time in advocating for the rights of people injured by medical error or by other wrongful acts.

Dr. Kaplan’s dad, the late Judge Arthur Kaplan, created the first emergency services in Atlanta, where he trained hundreds of people in handling emergencies Judge Kaplan also trained hundreds of Atlanta Police Department and Atlanta Fire Department personnel in emergency first aid he also trained the GBI, FBI, and Secret Service in Atlanta. Dr. Kaplan has followed in his father’s footsteps. For many years he has actively responded to emergency calls at nights and on weekends. He was recognized in 1984 by Chief Morris Redding for his dedication to law enforcement and he currently holds the rank of Major in the Atlanta Police Department. He continues to teach the recruits at the Atlanta Police Academy and is also an instructor for the Sandy Springs Fire Department.

Dr. Kaplan also works extensively with Russian immigrants, helping them to transition from living in a totalitarian society to our free society. Many of these immigrants came to the United States to escape religious persecution and economic hardships, and most spoke little, if any English. Dr. Kaplan assisted them in innumerable ways, including helping many of them find employment and with finding suitable housing. Over the years he has also provided these new citizens with free medical treatment and legal representation.

Hundreds of people contact Dr. Kaplan every year in order to determine if they have a valid legal claim against a doctor or other health care provider. Dr. Kaplan is able to combine his medical and legal training to carefully review the medical record and can discuss the potential case with other physicians where necessary. Once Kaplan & Lukowski accepts a case, Dr. Kaplan and Jay Lukowski work aggressively together on behalf of their clients.