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I highly recommend the office of Dr Ronald Kaplan and Jay Lukowski

They were able to solve my medical case very smoothly and professionally and I got my deserved settlement.

Everybody in the office are very nice, professional and really working with you and your situation individually

Thank you Dr Kaplan , Jay Lukowski , Susy and Lynette for your great help

-Ellie A.

Just met with Mr. Lukowski and was pleasantly surprised– very knowledgable and super friendly. It’s good to know that he is business partners with a medical doctor to go over the medical malpractice cases. Fascinating and effective business strategy.


I was thrilled to have found this law firm. They went above and beyond to help me understand my case, kept me up to date on the progress, and when we settled, I was very very happy with the outcome. The paralegal, Susy and Lynette answered all of my questions, the fact that one of the lawyers on staff is also a doctor, really helped answer any medical questions I had. A huge Thank You to all!

-Donna S.