Preventing Slip and Fall Accidents in the Workplace

Slips, trips and falls are some of the most common causes of workplace injury, totaling over 25 percent of reported injuries every year. Slipping, tripping or falling at work or in a commercial building can lead to sprains, strains, cuts, broken bones and even concussions and more serious medical conditions. In fact, over 17 percent of disabling workplace injuries result from falls alone. However, the vast majority of all these injuries are preventable – and it is the business owner’s legal responsibility to take measures to ensure that people are safe on their property.

The Atlanta personal injury attorneys at Kaplan & Lukowski have extensive experience with slip and fall cases in both occupational and commercial settings. To help you avoid injuries from slip and fall accidents, they have compiled of their most useful tips for creating a safe, clean workspace that minimizes the risk of injury to employees, visitors, and customers.

Common Causes of Workplace Falls

• Wet or Slick Surfaces
• Spills
• Water from Rain, Snow, or Ice
• Loose Rugs or Mats
• Floors with Changing Degrees of Traction
• Obstructed Views
• Low Lighting
• Objects Obstructing the Walkway
• Wrinkled or Peeling Carpeting
• Uncovered cables and Cords
• Tripping Over Low Drawers Left Open
• Uneven Walking Surfaces

10 Ways to Prevent Slip and Fall Accidents

1. Clean all spills immediately.
2. Mop or sweep all debris from the floor.
3. Mark all wet areas with caution signs.
4. Always keep walkways clear and free of clutter and obstacles.
5. Secure or replace all mats, rugs and carpets that do not lay flat.
6. Always close all drawers and file cabinets.
7. Cover all cables that cross a walkway, or reroute them.
8. Keep all workspaces, stairwells and walkways brightly lit.
9. Immediately replace or fix any blown out bulbs or broken light switches.
10. Provide safety measures such as handrails on ramps, stairwells and other transit areas.

Find Legal Counsel for Your Slip and Fall Injury Case

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