Vehicle Accidents

Residents of the Atlanta metro area who are injured in automobile, motorcycle or truck accidents turn to Kaplan & Lukowski, LLP to help them get the compensation to which they are entitled and to put their lives back together. We actively pursue the rights of our clients who are victims of all types of motor vehicle accidents.

Whether your auto accident injury is the result of another driver simply being careless or, in the more extreme cases, the other driver being under the influence of alcohol or drugs, we will aggressively pursue your rights. We will work with insurance companies to get you fair compensation for your medical bills, lost income and pain and suffering. If the insurance companies won’t work with us, we will take them to court and push your case to the limit before a jury.

Car Accident Injuries

Our clients have suffered all types of injuries from car wrecks. From simple neck pain to heart attack to paralysis, we are here to help. One of the most common injuries is “whiplash,” which is what happens when your head and neck are thrown forward and backward from the force of a collision, usually from the rear. Many people think those injuries are fake because they don’t show up on x-rays. However, anyone who has ever been in a rear-ender knows that whiplash is painful, and, at its worse, can be debilitating.

With the medical expertise of Ronald Kaplan, M.D., one of our founding partners, we will help you get the treatment you need and develop your car accident case to obtain the maximum possible recovery.

The attorneys at Kaplan & Lukowksi also work on the behalf of clients who have been injured in motorcycle accidents and trucking accidents.

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