How to Prevent Motorcycle Accidents

Riding a motorcycle is a popular way to travel in cities and rural areas. However, no matter where you are riding, it’s crucial to operate a motorcycle with extreme caution. Motorcycles are 35 times more likely to be engaged in a fatal collision than passenger cars, and head injuries lead the pack. Approximately 88,000 motorcyclists experienced a painful injury on the highway in 2006. Help us prevent motorcycle accidents by utilizing correct riding protocol and wearing the correct protective gear.

Kaplan & Lukowski, LLP, is a personal injury law firm dedicated to helping metro Atlanta residents who have been involved in an accident and sustained motorcycle injuries. Let’s lower the statistics and follow these preventative measures.

Proper Maintenance

Cyclists must thoroughly inspect their vehicle before riding. Make sure tire pressure is at the right PSI before you leave. Have a PSI gauge and tire pump available in your garage. Tires all have different proper pressure levels, so make sure you either have your manual handy or can check online. Get brakes, engine chains, lights, and oil regularly serviced; vehicle defects are a common cause of motorcycle accidents, so make sure to always evaluate the current drivability of your bike.

Lane Change Awareness

Over 40 percent of fatal motorcycle crashes involve an outside vehicle turning left as a motorcycle is going straight or passing a vehicle according to Motorcyclists should turn their headlights on during the day and buy a brightly colored bike. In regular street traffic, riders should pass through open spots in the middle of intersections for maximum visibility. Cars will be much more aware of motorcyclists if they have an easy view of their activity.

Motorcyclists are encouraged to drive in the far left lane on highways. Right-hand lanes have vehicles that frequently change lanes to catch exits or prepare for future exits. Execute vehicle passes as quickly as possible to minimize the window for an unexpected lane shift from another car. Car drivers prefer assertive driving from motorcyclists to keep both parties out of harm’s way.

Wear a Helmet

Most, but not all states require that motorcyclists and their passengers wear helmets. Those who do not wear a helmet have a significantly higher change of suffering a fatal injury. A helmet is the best form of protection from fatal injuries on the road, but you should also wear protective clothing so bare skin won’t come in contact with the pavement if you do experience a collision. Even if the law allows you to ride without a helmet, don’t.

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