Property Safety & Negligence in Apartment Complexes

Understandably, many tenants at apartment complexes are concerned about their safety. You may not realize it, but as an apartment dweller, your landlord has a responsibility to keep you and other tenants safe. Not only will does this include keeping tenants safe from criminal activity, it also guards against other safety issues, like properly maintaining the building and keeping it up to code.

When you sign your lease, landlords have a certain responsibility they owe to their tenants. Kaplan & Lukowski has helped individuals in Georgia after a landlord has breached their duty. See what types of responsibility your landlord has at keeping your apartment complex safe and contact the legal team at Kaplan & Lukowski if you suspect your landlord has failed to provide a safe environment.

Maintain a Safe Environment around the Apartment Complex

Landlords have a responsibility to provide their tenants with a secure place to live. Depending on the crime statistics of the surrounding area, landlords may take safety precautions like installing exterior lights or trimming tall hedges to discourage criminal activity.

Landlords should ensure that all of your windows are properly sealed and all of your doors have working locks. Doors should have deadbolts. Another important factor for keeping tenants safe is that no one else should have a key to any other individual’s apartment. Furthermore, locks should be changed when a prior tenant moves out.

Lastly, but importantly, landlords have a responsibility to keep their buildings free of illegal activity. This includes distributing or manufacturing drugs. In the case that a landlord discovers illegal activity, the tenant may be evicted almost immediately.

Responsibility to Maintain a Clean Environment

Another threat to a tenant’s safety is the building itself. Older buildings may not be up to current safety codes or they may contain harmful chemicals. It’s common that many cities and states require landlords to disclose environmental toxins before tenants sign their lease.

To keep tenants safe inside of the apartment complex, they should also install smoke and carbon monoxide detectors in each unit.

Contact Kaplan & Lukowski if you Suspect Landlord Negligence

Each tenant has the right to live in a safe apartment complex, free from dangerous criminal activity and safe from health hazards.

If you suspect that your landlord has failed their duty to provide a safe place to live, contact the team at Kaplan & Lukowski to review your case. We review all new potential cases free of charge. Only after we receive a favorable review will we start building your case. Use our online contact form or call us at 404-845-0012.