Should I Get a Second Opinion?

Medical malpractice cases involve a breach of standard of care, and are filed due to medical errors including:

When to get a second opinion

Patients often feel anxious asking their doctor about getting a second opinion; they worry whether their doctors may be offended by their doubts. It’s important for patients to know that a good doctor will always welcome a second opinion—it is a matter of being responsible for the patient’s health. Physicians should never get defensive about patients seeking a second opinion.

When to Seek a Second Opinion

When patients are diagnosed with a condition or are given a treatment plan, they should always consider certain factors before accepting their diagnosis as the final word. Patients should know:

After finding out the answers to these questions, patients may feel the need to seek out another opinion. You should get a second opinion if:

Researching and making appointments with someone who is a leading specialist in your condition is beneficial. Physicians frequently have different outlooks and philosophies regarding the treatment of certain illnesses. Second opinions can confirm a diagnosis, let patients know if there has been a misdiagnosis, and provide alternative options for treatment.

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Avoid the need to file for medical malpractice by always seeking out a second opinion in the case of serious illnesses and non-emergency surgeries. Second opinions ensure proper treatment and prevent medical errors. If necessary, a third opinion can never hurt.

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